Friday, January 29, 2010


So finally I am able to try this again!  Hopefully I will get them posted before my battery dies again!  YAY! 

Our first sonogram to confirm the pregnancy; I was 5w 3d. 10/29/09

Our second sonogram from our first official OB appointment, 7w 2d, 11/11/09
(He's the little blob labeled baby)

The third sonogram from Dr. Weiss our maternal and fetal medicine specialist
12w 2d, 12/16/09

Yesterday's sonogram!  18w 3d, 1/28/10
The bottom is the one that shows we are having a boy.  If he hadn't labeled it, I still wouldn't know.

Thank heaven for little boys! Who can resist this precious onesie!?

I love it!  I'm so excited!

It's A Boy!

We are having a baby boy!  We got to see our healthy 10 oz baby yesterday afternoon.  He has 2 hands, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, and a 4 chamber heart.  Dr. Weiss says that everything looks healthy and normal!  I tried to post last night, I had pictures and sonograms to post, but unfortunately, my battery died.  Part of the problem with not having internet at home is that I cannot post pictures and such to my blog with my phone.  So Danny and I last night loaded up the laptop and the camera in the car and went searching for free wi-fi.  We finally got signal outside Buffalo Wild Wings, and I was able to upload to facebook.  I wrote my blog post and started to upload the pictures... the first one failed, then I lost signal and my computer died.  I plugged it in this morning before I left for school, so hopefully tonight we can try again. 

Other than finding out about our healthy baby boy, yesterday was kind of crappy!  I just couldn't get anything to go my way.  I was sick all morning (I know its my fault, but I didn't know it then!), it was pouring down rain, my dad made me feel guilty about posting that we are having a baby on facebook saying how people were going to be shocked (not in a good way), I didn't get to update the blog and then my hot water for my shower never really got hot.  Hopefully today will be much better!  As for what my dad said, I know that we didn't do things in the right order and I realize that everyone is able to do the simple arithmetic and figure that out for themselves.  However, I do not see the point in being ashamed.  We want this baby!  We are extremely proud and excited to know that we have started our family and in June will welcome our healthy baby boy!  So that is that... we're having a boy!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Suspenseful!

Anyone who really knows me, knows when I get nervous or overwhelmed, I get sick.  So this morning when I was driving and not feeling well, I thought it was just because I was excited about our appointment.  I was sick all morning!  To the point where Danny had to bring my anti-nausea medicine and people thought I was going to pass out in the hallway.  The low point was when my aide went to lunch and I was in the bathroom throwing up in the trashcan while one of my boy's was sitting on the toilet.  Lovely.  So finally, my kids go to specials and I have my nice planning period.  I sat in the dark, undid my pants (my maternity jeans are still too big and I couldn't get a belly band until we got paid).  The magic of loosening your waistband!  Within 30 minutes, I began to feel better.  Then I got hungry!  I slowly at the saltines the school nurse gave me one at a time.  So much better!  Now it is almost 2 and I feel fine.  YAY!  I thought I was going to have to cancel my dr.s appointment... I felt that bad!  Well, just a couple more hours and we'll know who's in my belly!  I am excited!  I'll post later to inform everyone of the good news!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The word is out!

So a couple of weeks ago, I changed my stick family on facebook from a nice teacher lady to a pregnant lady and put a link to this blog under my websites.  Apparently, people just read the news feed and status updates because no one said anything!  We didn't really want to just blurt it out there, so Danny and I just started making comments on each others pages to see if anyone caught on.  Finally!  The has this article called "How Big is My Baby?"  Each week it updates to a bigger fruit which is approximately the same size and weight as your baby.  Last week, we were an onion, so I posted, "We have an onion!" I was thinking one of my many friends who have recently had or are currently pregnant would maybe make the connection... no such luck!  One of my wonderful cousins did congratulate us though.  This week, we have a sweet potato!  It gets scary big from here on out though, mango, then banana, then a cantelope, etc.  Ends with a watermelon... we were watching Dirty Dancing the other day and the cousin is carrying three large supersize watermelons.  SCARY!  These were the size of a full grown man's entire torso... they were huge!  And that is supposed to fit in my tummy?  I was in a training yesterday afternoon (because another LIFE teacher wrote a grant to get us all webcams to videoconference with other classes around the world... how cool is that?) Anyway, this girl I am sitting next to is a big girl (not fat just tall and big), she had a c-section last year and I asked why she chose it over natural birth... her answer, "My baby was 9 lbs. 15 oz. and was 23" at two weeks premature!"  My hat is off to this woman because that is a huge baby!  One more ounce and one more inch and she would have been 10 pounds and 2 feet tall!  I know I am a bigger person but I don't think I can hold a baby that big!  That's crazy.  She said there was one nurse that kept telling her with her bone structure, she could safely give birth to a 12 pound baby.  She said if she were out of her mind, she might do that. 

Danny is on his way to pick up our crib now.  I am so excited!  We found a great deal on Craigslist... I know what you all are thinking... Craigslist?  How do you know if it is safe or sanitary?  Well this lady had three cribs that she used as display for her baby bedding line that she sold at the Dallas Market Center.  So this crib and mattress has never been used, just sat out for people to admire.  Plus we got a brand new crib and mattress for $150!  You can't beat that!  Its a black Jenny Lind crib so it will go with anything we choose, plus it goes with our antique Jenny Lind high chair that was mine, my brothers, and my dad's.  (I know it is old, but it is solid wood and completely sturdy!)  We also registered for one of those that sits on the chair so you can take it anywhere with you.  Sonya and BJ have one and they love it so we thought it would be good for us too.  I am really having to stop myself from going overboard.  I want to go get everything now and set everything up now so that the nursery will be perfect NOW!  Truth is, there is no point.  By the time the baby gets here we may not even be living in the same place!  It all depends on when Danny joins and where we get stationed! 

Alright, I have rambled on through my entire lunch break so I better go pick up my kiddos.  Please pray this day goes by quickly!  Its not even 11am and I am exhausted!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so frustrated!

So my school decided to have a faculty meeting tomorrow afternoon.  My doctors appointment was tomorrow afternoon.  It is so frustrating!  I had to have Danny call the doctor on his break to reschedule cause his break is before mine.  Luckily we were able to get in Thursday at 3:30 so we only have to wait one more day.  Then I get an email that the technology training that was originally scheduled for Wednesday after school has been moved to Thursday.   Thank goodness for IT guys with big hearts that say he will work with me so I don't have to reschedule again.  This wouldn't be that big of deal if I had stuck with my not wanting to know.  It seems like since I decided to find out, the world has been trying to make me wait! 

Danny goes to pick up our crib on Thursday and then we will go to the doctor to find out what is growing inside me!  Danny swears it is a boy.  I don't know.  Certain things make me think girl, others boy so I guess we will just have to wait until THURSDAY to find out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

wonderful weekend

It was a great weekend! My parents came down on saturday. My dad and Danny chopped down the dead tree in the front yard (which turned out to be live, just ugly!) Trimmed up the other tree in front and trimmed all the neighbors trees hanging over our roof. We got everything cleaned up in the front bedroom so we can rip up the carpet in there. I just hope the hardwoods are in good shape in there! We had a good time with ny parents, they stayed until after dinner. Danny and I have just been hanging out and being lazy ever since! We find out Wednesday if its a boy or girl and we couldn't be more excited! We can't wait to meet our little one!Please excuse any typos, I did this on my phone and my thumbs are a little clumsy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Names are a big deal!

Ok so most people struggle with baby names... we are struggling with a grandparent name.  Specifically, my mother.  She doesn't want to be called Grandma (which I get), but we can't come up with anything that really seems like her.  Here is a list of rejected names so far:


There are several others, but I honestly can't remember them all.  I'm threatening to call her Ma T if she doesn't decide!  The other grandparents were so easy... Lora and Bobby chose theirs when Trey was born so they are Big Mama (she chose it!) and Pawpaw.  My dad was always going to be Papa just like his daddy (after all, they are two peas in a pod).  Chad will be Unc just like with his other neices and nephews.  This poor child will know what to call everyone except my mother.  Maybe we should just call her Teri.  She is just some random lady who loves you little one... I just think it is funny.  My parents have wanted grandchildren for so long, you would think they would have thought about it. 

My dad asked if I was taking care of his grandbaby yesterday!  I almost started crying I was so happy.  Its not that they aren't or haven't been excited, they were still thinking about the wedding and in that mode.  I think now enough time has passed where they can actually process and get excited about it.  They are coming down this weekend (which means massive house cleaning the next two days to get to my mom standard of clean... white glove test!) Dad is going to help Danny chop down the dead tree in front of the house and I am going to cook dinner for everyone.  I'm going to take my mom to show her the fabric I found for the nursery too.  Its on sale 40% off right now which means we can get all the fabric for everything we could possibly want or need for under $100. 

That's all for now, I am tired and ready to go home.  I can only update from school now that we cut off our cable and internet at home (we are crazy, I know).  Well, I can update from my phone, but typing a blog with your thumbs is exhausting!  We find out Wednesday if it is a boy or a girl! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Name the baby

So we had decided on the baby name for a boy and a girl and had two names for each gender.  But we want to have 4 kids, I started to think... what if we have a boy first and then two girls, will we have another.  We had decided that if we have two girls we are stopping because neither of us want three girls.  But we decided that if we have one boy in there, three girls are okay.  Both of us are fine with having three or four boys.  So we need at least three girls names and four boy names... we did it! So now we have a bank of names and we decided that we are going to wait until the baby is born to decide which names goes with which baby. 

Other good news this week... Stephanie is letting us use her infant carseat!  YAY!  One less thing to buy!  Plus it is neutral black and white so if we have a boy it will be okay.  We picked out the fabrics for the nursery this weekend.   We decided to do a neutral nursery and then let them have their own personalized room when they get to be a big kid.  That way we can just keep using the same nursery for all of them.  Plus I have a fabulous, talented mother who makes everything so we get a custom room for a not so custom price!  YAY!  We are so excited!  I think I'm beginning to drive Danny nuts but I want him to be involved and if he is going to be at Basic and AIT for the majority of the rest of the pregnancy, I want to know his opinions.  It is kind of scary knowing I may be basically a single parent for a while.  I can do it though.  I always wanted to have kids and I always said if I didn't have any by the time I was 28, I was going to start adopting.  Well, apparently we conceived just before I turned 28. 

As much as it scares me, I am so proud of Danny.  In the past year and a half, he has lost 70 pounds!  He has gone from a 42 waist to a 34.  He keeps losing and I keep gaining...  he is working so hard though.  He counts his calories, walks at a steep incline or runs flat for at least an hour every night and just keeps working to lose those inches around his belly.  He has such a big heart.  He wants so badly to join the army to help people and to provide for me and the baby.  I married a great man and I couldn't be happier!

Enough braggin for now.  I'm going to go home and take a nap because my head is killing me!  Why did they turn the heat on today when its almost 70 outside!??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 hours and counting!

7 hours since I last got sick!  Yay!  How sad is it that I am excited by something so small?  Let's put it this way, I'm about to go into 2 1/2 hours of meetings that are completely irrelevant to my classroom... I need a small glimmer of happiness!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick of being sick!

Sunday night about 7:30 or 8 I did not feel well.  I hugged the toilet from then until last night.  I finally got to eat today.  I stayed home from work today to make sure I was back to normal.  I didn't want to go back with absolutley nothing in my system.  I feel better now.  Still not 100% but getting there.  I will be back to work in the morning.  One full day, two half days, then a 3 day weekend and 1 full day with no kids.  Should make it easy to take it easy.  My brain is still not functioning... it has taken forever to write just this. 

Good things about this weekend!  We registered for baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby!  So much fun!  We found a crib that we like that turns into a twin bed and it is much smaller than the other convertible cribs.  I just wanna know if this is a girl or a boy rolling around in my belly!  15 more days!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 more weeks...

... until we find out what we are having! Dr. Diaz was able to hear the heartbeat (strong and sounds great) without a sonogram so we didn't get one.  So now we have to wait until we go back to Dr. Weiss for our second trimester screening to find out.  I've decided I want to know!  After registering the other night and only being able to choose green and yellow, I want to know. 

Last night I went to look for maternity clothes.  I had heard that destination maternity had plus size clothes, but really high prices, but they were having a sale so I decided to give them a try.  When I first walked in, the sales lady greeted me, introduced herself, offered me juice or water, and asked what I was looking for.  Granted, the plus size section is tiny, but it wasn't bad.  The first pair of jeans I tried on fit!  That has NEVER happened to me before.  They were having a sale, but I didn't think the prices were too bad.  Granted the plus-sizes were the Motherhood brand so I didn't look at the other two brands (the cute little trendy pregger clothes).  I don't really need them yet, but I went ahead and bought some clothes and a new fabulous bra!  Ok, so fabulous is an overstatement, but the biggest bras I had from when my boobs were ginormous were too small!  I had to have something. 

I went to Jo-Ann's today to look at fabric for a nursery.  Looking at the rooms in the stores showed me what I didn't want.  Plus I have a mother that used to make baby rooms for a living!  I have decided that it will be blues and greens for a boy and red (yes red and not pink!) for a girl.  Nan Poe will be so proud of me!  The only pink I would choose is more of a raspberry, a deep dark pink... no baby pink!  Plus red just gives you so many more options and can grow with the kid so much better. 

So do we know what we want?  Not really, we would like a boy first just for the older brother protector thing, but tonight danny admitted he would like a little girl.  Danny acts all tough like he is going to be a super strict parent.  I know if we have a little girl though, he is going to melt like butter and have her daddy wrapped around her finger from day 1.  I can't wait to say I told you so!  I can wait for having to be the bad guy when she bats her eyes at Daddy and he says its okay. 

I'm exhausted so its bedtime.  I have to go get my thyroid level checked in the morning... yipee, nothing like getting blood work done to start your weekend off right!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, so December flew by and I never got a chance to update.  I think after I told my mom I did not need to vent as much.  I was also focused on our wedding!  That's right folks, on December 19, 2009, Danny and I got married!  I am now Mrs. Daniel Easterling.  It was kind of funny, the preacher didn't know we were pregnant but decided to tie our wedding into the Christmas story.  Went on and on about the unwed mother... I am sure Danny and I had some classic looks on our faces... at that point I was too scared to look at him because I thought I would start laughing.  Anyway, we had a beautiful wedding and an awesome reception... we had so much fun!  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  Thank you cards are coming soon I promise!

On to baby news!  Well, we saw the specialist that Dr. Diaz referred me to and everything was fine.  Well, everything but that fact that baby is huge!  We were 12 weeks at our appointment and the average length should be 2.1 inches... ours was 2.5!  Almost a half inch above average and we were only 12 weeks in!  Scary!  I knew Danny would give me ginormous babies... Maybe he or she will average out again.

Which brings me to my next topic... the sex of the baby!  We go to the doctor tomorrow for our monthly checkup.  We are 15 weeks which makes knowing what we are having a possibility.  We have gotten a sonogram at every other visit, but all I know about tomorrow is that I am getting bloodwork.  If we don't find out tomorrow, then we will find out when we go back to the specialist for follow up and second trimester screening on jan. 27th (18 weeks!).  If they can't tell then, we will have to wait for our next monthly with Dr. Diaz which will most likely be the first Wednesday in February (19 weeks). 

It is so strange to be pregnant.  For the most part, it has held true for me that the second trimester is better than the first.  Mostly I can't believe how much time has passed and that I'm already 4 months pregnant!  I haven't gotten sick near as much or as often, but when I do it hits with a fury!  Our lovely wedding day, the heat and fumes got to me in the nail place and I got sick.  Then after getting my hair done, I was sitting there waiting on Alicia and feeling so much better until Diane filled the room with a cloud of hairspray.  Baby doesn't like hairspray (its like its mama)... threw up 2 times on the service road and then again on the overpass and several times in the 7-11 on the other side.  Yea, thats cute, hair done, veil in, leaning out of an SUV puking my guts out.  Lovely.  One day I was just sitting there after dinner, when bam!  I was running to the bathroom to empty my stomach.  This morning all I did was brush my teeth... twice.  The gas is embarrassing to.  Good thing I work in a classroom with un-potty-trained kiddos... I'm kidding but it would be nice to use them as a scapegoat!  For the most part, looking at me, you can't tell I'm pregnant.  My assistant actually said it looked like I have lost weight.  I can tell though, and Danny can tell.  Anyone who notices my boobs can tell... they are huge!!!  Like Pamela Anderson only with more everywhere else.  I mean, I've always had big ones, but this is getting ridiculous!  My bras are too small and I'm honestly scared to get measured for new ones.  Plus, what if they grow more!  I told Danny I wanted a masectomy.  I know it is wrong to wish for that, but they hurt so bad and they are heavy, my back hurts all the time!  I want to get to the fun stuff, like feeling the baby kick, and actually having a pregnant belly rather than just feeling bloated and fat. 

I have decided that after I have little AGE (pronounced Aggie not age) I am going to lose all the weight, all the pregnancy weight, after college weight, college weight and moving to Waco weight.  All of it, over a hundred pounds.  I want to live a long and healthy life with my husband and kids.  Plus, I want to be at my ideal weight before my next pregnancy.  I want to see and experience what normal people do!  I see pictures of my friends pregnant and their pregnancy photos and they have these beautiful round pregger bellies.  Yea, not me, I have my regular chub, only instead of a distinct upper and lower belly, its becoming one large roll.  Fabulous.  I really think I will be able to do it.  Especially if Danny isn't deployed and I get to stay home, AGE and I are going to be super active!

Okay, I will have to update this more often, because that took entirely too much time!  I need to get back to work... so much to do!