Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Suspenseful!

Anyone who really knows me, knows when I get nervous or overwhelmed, I get sick.  So this morning when I was driving and not feeling well, I thought it was just because I was excited about our appointment.  I was sick all morning!  To the point where Danny had to bring my anti-nausea medicine and people thought I was going to pass out in the hallway.  The low point was when my aide went to lunch and I was in the bathroom throwing up in the trashcan while one of my boy's was sitting on the toilet.  Lovely.  So finally, my kids go to specials and I have my nice planning period.  I sat in the dark, undid my pants (my maternity jeans are still too big and I couldn't get a belly band until we got paid).  The magic of loosening your waistband!  Within 30 minutes, I began to feel better.  Then I got hungry!  I slowly at the saltines the school nurse gave me one at a time.  So much better!  Now it is almost 2 and I feel fine.  YAY!  I thought I was going to have to cancel my dr.s appointment... I felt that bad!  Well, just a couple more hours and we'll know who's in my belly!  I am excited!  I'll post later to inform everyone of the good news!

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