Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The word is out!

So a couple of weeks ago, I changed my stick family on facebook from a nice teacher lady to a pregnant lady and put a link to this blog under my websites.  Apparently, people just read the news feed and status updates because no one said anything!  We didn't really want to just blurt it out there, so Danny and I just started making comments on each others pages to see if anyone caught on.  Finally!  The has this article called "How Big is My Baby?"  Each week it updates to a bigger fruit which is approximately the same size and weight as your baby.  Last week, we were an onion, so I posted, "We have an onion!" I was thinking one of my many friends who have recently had or are currently pregnant would maybe make the connection... no such luck!  One of my wonderful cousins did congratulate us though.  This week, we have a sweet potato!  It gets scary big from here on out though, mango, then banana, then a cantelope, etc.  Ends with a watermelon... we were watching Dirty Dancing the other day and the cousin is carrying three large supersize watermelons.  SCARY!  These were the size of a full grown man's entire torso... they were huge!  And that is supposed to fit in my tummy?  I was in a training yesterday afternoon (because another LIFE teacher wrote a grant to get us all webcams to videoconference with other classes around the world... how cool is that?) Anyway, this girl I am sitting next to is a big girl (not fat just tall and big), she had a c-section last year and I asked why she chose it over natural birth... her answer, "My baby was 9 lbs. 15 oz. and was 23" at two weeks premature!"  My hat is off to this woman because that is a huge baby!  One more ounce and one more inch and she would have been 10 pounds and 2 feet tall!  I know I am a bigger person but I don't think I can hold a baby that big!  That's crazy.  She said there was one nurse that kept telling her with her bone structure, she could safely give birth to a 12 pound baby.  She said if she were out of her mind, she might do that. 

Danny is on his way to pick up our crib now.  I am so excited!  We found a great deal on Craigslist... I know what you all are thinking... Craigslist?  How do you know if it is safe or sanitary?  Well this lady had three cribs that she used as display for her baby bedding line that she sold at the Dallas Market Center.  So this crib and mattress has never been used, just sat out for people to admire.  Plus we got a brand new crib and mattress for $150!  You can't beat that!  Its a black Jenny Lind crib so it will go with anything we choose, plus it goes with our antique Jenny Lind high chair that was mine, my brothers, and my dad's.  (I know it is old, but it is solid wood and completely sturdy!)  We also registered for one of those that sits on the chair so you can take it anywhere with you.  Sonya and BJ have one and they love it so we thought it would be good for us too.  I am really having to stop myself from going overboard.  I want to go get everything now and set everything up now so that the nursery will be perfect NOW!  Truth is, there is no point.  By the time the baby gets here we may not even be living in the same place!  It all depends on when Danny joins and where we get stationed! 

Alright, I have rambled on through my entire lunch break so I better go pick up my kiddos.  Please pray this day goes by quickly!  Its not even 11am and I am exhausted!

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