Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Ranger Game!

On September 16th, we took Gibson to his first Texas Ranger game.  My parent's sunday school class bought a group of seats in the All You Can Eat section.  After church, my parent's came to pick up Gibson and me and to meet my Uncle Avos who went with us.  It was a great group of people and plenty of people to help corral Gibson.  First, thank goodness we were in that section because it was raining and those seats are covered.  We got to the ballpark around 1:15, parked in the handicapped parking (cause my mom has a temporary bum foot!), and went up to our seats... the game didn't start until after 4!  Gibson was just starting to get cranky and act out when the field crew came out to prepare the field.  Thank goodness cause he was mesmerized.  The ballgame started and the Rangers won!  Such a great outing with great friends and family!

Jennifer holding Gibbs

Papa took Gibbs for a closer look at the field

Unlimited refills!

This boy loves his Gram!
Hope he grows up to love game as much as me!
He is a great Papa!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gibson's first day of preschool!

Gibson has an interesting schedule this year.  I am working in Keller this year which means a commute, but it also means we are closer to Stephanie and she is helping out so much with Gibbs.  Monday and Wednesday he goes to school with Kamryn and Lauren at DCA.  Tuesday and Thursday he goes to Pebbles right up the street from Steph.  Fridays he stays with Steph and the girls.  It is kind of confusing for me so I am sure it is for him, but he is learning (which he did not do last year in daycare).  Its also saving me about $300 a month so that almost makes up for the gas!

Gibson is ready for school!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gibson's Little Man Mustache Bash

As usual, I'm behind in my posts.  Gibson turned 2 at the end of June.  We had such a great party!  Friends and family came to help us celebrate and I was so pleased with the theme!  I got the custom printables from BelvaJune on Etsy.  Stephanie, Bryan, and the girls stayed for a fajita dinner and Gibson finally got cake!  Thanks to everyone for making his day so special!  The pictures below are so out of order, but they are too cute not to share!


I blew up the welcome sign to make a sign to let people know where the party was...

Decided to make chocolate cupcakes at the last minute and its a good thing, cause they were all gone!

I mustache you to eat something!

Papa pushing Gibson on the big kid swing while Tucker and Lauren played.

Ami helped him open presents... so excited!

This kid loves his Lauren!

Love this theme!  I saw it on pinterest about 6 months before his party and started planning.

Love these two!

Favorite pic of Gibson and Papa!

Kamryn acted as my photographer... Can't believe this beautiful young woman is little Kami!

Kodi got into the Mustache spirit!

This is Gibson right after he woke up... officially 2!