Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gibson Evans Easterling is here!

Well, the day had finally come.  Monday June 28th came and it went and still no baby.  Tuesday, my parents called and said they were going to stop in and say hello on their way back from the lake.  They stopped in for a short visit and then headed back to Sherman while Danny and I went to run a few errands.  We got home and were lazy for a while... Danny was off work and I have not been sleeping well at all so we just laid around and enjoyed what we knew would be one of the last few days a a twosome.  Got up after about an hour, bent over to pick up something, heard a pop, felt a gush and got super excited!  I called Danny into the room, told him to hand me my phone and pack the car!  We arrived at Medical City about 6pm, and I still wasn't contracting so they started Pitocin.  I made it about 5 hours and changed my mind about the epidural.  My labor was progressing but very slowly. Finally about 6:30 this morning it was time to push.  He was in position and all looked good until he turned his head.  They had to use the vaccuum three times, but he was stuck.  After 7 am, they wheeled me to the OR for a c-section.  Exactly what I had been afraid of.  But we are wonderfully blessed to be able to announce that at 7:39am June 30th, Gibson Evans Easterling was born!  He was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long!  No wonder he was still kicking me in the ribs after he dropped!!  He is healthy and strong and we couldn't be happier!  My parents and Danny's parents were able to some in for the birth.  We will be here until at least Saturday. 

So far, of course, he poops, eats and sleeps but he seems to be a happy baby. Here are some pictures and I will write some more when I'm not falling asleep...

A very excited Grams and Papa!  My dad was so giddy and I love you so much!

Big Mama and Paw Paw... also very excited! 

Somehow we didn't end up with a picture of Danny with the baby on our camera, but I will remedy that and put it up soon!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You've gotta be kidding me!

After a week of trying everything under the sun (within reason and safety) to self-induce, I went to the doctor today to be told I have not progressed AT ALL.  Still 1 cm, still 50% effaced.  Seriously???  So frustrating!!  I think my dad jinxed me when he suggested it would be cool to have a July 4th baby.  Yes, except for the fact that I am ready now!!  July 4th is still 11 days away!  I know, I know, he'll come when he is ready.  Its good that they aren't inducing because it means we are both healthy... blah, blah, blah.  Its a hundred degrees outside!  I'm the size of a small elephant!  He has dropped but I am so short waisted that he is still in my ribcage and it hurts!!!  I love my son and I want him to be happy and healthy, but seriously... he is about to get an eviction notice!  I've cried, I've ranted... now I will return to normal human behavior... staying in air conditioned spaces, rubbing and talking to my belly:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still Waiting...

Well, if you read my last post, you would think this post would be welcoming our baby boy to the world.  No such luck.  Apparently bed rest works a little too well for me and my blood pressure has been great so they are letting him come naturally.  On one hand I am relieved because I have heard horrible stories about being induced.  On the other hand, I am ready to meet him already!!  It is looking like he has gained both of our stubborn streaks and is not planning on coming any time soon.  Last Tuesday I was 1cm, 50% effaced and he was at a -2 station.  I have an appointment tomorrow and we will see if things have progressed at all.  My dad thinks he will be a 4th of July baby.  I agree that would be neat, but good grief that is another 2 weeks!  I am huge, I am hurting, I am ready to have this baby!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


As of tomorrow, I will officially be considered full-term and they will let the baby come if he decides to make an appearance!  I am sooo ready!  Everything for the baby's room is finished and we are just waiting to bring him home!  It won't be long now and I will let you know as soon as anything happens!  The hospital has internet, so I will actually be able to update!