Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I wanted a place to put my pinterest projects I have tried.  Whether successful or an epic fail, I'll put my products.  Pop into Pinterest Project to see what I've been doing!

Pumpkin Patch

Went looking for a pumpkin patch today.  We were in Arlington anyway and found a site for a farm off Bowen Rd where you pick your own pumpkin.  Gibson gets to run through a field and pick a pumpkin... sounds like fun!  Well, this "farm" which is maybe an acre was pretty picked over and the free hayride that you received when you bought your pumpkin was actually a flatbed trailer with a gym mat pulled by a small John Deere.  Oh well, Gibson had fun!

It is very difficult to get a self-pic of you and your kiddo who is sitting in your lap sitting on a flatbed being pulled by a tractor.  Its the best I could do!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  School is going well for both of us.  Gibson has gotten 2 purple stars at DCA (means Great Job!) and had one good day at Pebbles last week.  The second day at Pebbles didn't go so well so we still have some work to do on behavior.  Gibson is still a little slow to speak and has a very rambunctious personality so I have a feeling this is the root of our issue.  Tonight he started to get upset and I was bracing myself for a full-on tantrum when he sat down, put his hands in his lap and took a deep breath.  He sat there a minute and then started to play again.  I almost cried with relief!  I dread Gibson's tantrums and know they are not over, but it is so amazing to see just this little sign of his maturity.  At Pebbles they put him in a class with 3-3 1/2 year olds because of his size.  I imagine he is very frustrated because they can speak better, do more, are mostly potty trained, and just older.  He's only 27 months old!  Alot of emotional growth happens between his age and theirs.  It frustrates me that his teachers do not seem to understand this.  They sent him to the office Thursday.  Seriously?!  Sending a 2 year old to the office?!  There has to be another step.  I guess time will tell.  I just hope we get it worked out before they kick him out!  Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.

Playing trucks in mommy's lap despite the deck and backyard.

Kamryn, Lauren and Gibson.  My gosh he loves these girls!

The first of the two purple stars... The first one is blue and is also great!

Playing blocks at Grams and Papa's with the awesome sock monkey house shoes I found at the resale shop down the street from my parents.

Fall festival in Denison... cold and rainy, but he is still smiling!

Sitting where he shouldn't be, but my gosh, he looks huge in this picture!  These are the jeans he wore last year and I've had to tighten the waist but I don't have to roll them up anymore.