Monday, April 16, 2012

And we are back!

I think the title of this blog was a little too accurate!  Let's see, Gibson turned 1, started walking and shortly thereafter started running and has not stopped!  He is almost 22 months old.  He still has allergies, but his asthma (brought on by RSV) has cleared up.  Since he got tubes, he has only had one ear infection.  He is tall, handsome, joyful little boy who lights up my world (and wears me out completely!)

We moved to Irving and I started my fifth year of teaching, 3rd year in Irving.  I started my Master's degree in September.  Danny and my divorce was finalized in December.  He is in Colorado so we don't get to see him.  In March, I found out I would not be teaching at Gilbert next year so I have been actively looking for a new position.  It's been a crazy year!  I'll leave ya with some of my favorite shots from the few months.

His 1st Haircut!

Trying on his new big boy pants (we are potty training as soon as I can get 3 days!)

Bluebonnets 2012

Helping Papa open presents!

Presents with Unc!

Planning to be a catcher!

Cookie decorating with the Binghams and friends!

Daddy turned 65!

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 with Gram!

Fall in the swing from Miss Kim!

First birthday picture~ I'm proud of this one... I took it!

This pretty much is how he is ALL the time!

1st trip to the farm... and on a tractor!

Halloween.. he was BamBam.

Supervising me while I redo his room.

Having fun at Papa's birthday party!

With Steph and Kimi at the fair!

Unc makes him laugh!

Got tubes... he looked so tiny in that gown!

These are so out of order, but I'm a little rusty at this :)