Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Ranger Game!

On September 16th, we took Gibson to his first Texas Ranger game.  My parent's sunday school class bought a group of seats in the All You Can Eat section.  After church, my parent's came to pick up Gibson and me and to meet my Uncle Avos who went with us.  It was a great group of people and plenty of people to help corral Gibson.  First, thank goodness we were in that section because it was raining and those seats are covered.  We got to the ballpark around 1:15, parked in the handicapped parking (cause my mom has a temporary bum foot!), and went up to our seats... the game didn't start until after 4!  Gibson was just starting to get cranky and act out when the field crew came out to prepare the field.  Thank goodness cause he was mesmerized.  The ballgame started and the Rangers won!  Such a great outing with great friends and family!

Jennifer holding Gibbs

Papa took Gibbs for a closer look at the field

Unlimited refills!

This boy loves his Gram!
Hope he grows up to love game as much as me!
He is a great Papa!

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