Friday, January 29, 2010

It's A Boy!

We are having a baby boy!  We got to see our healthy 10 oz baby yesterday afternoon.  He has 2 hands, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, and a 4 chamber heart.  Dr. Weiss says that everything looks healthy and normal!  I tried to post last night, I had pictures and sonograms to post, but unfortunately, my battery died.  Part of the problem with not having internet at home is that I cannot post pictures and such to my blog with my phone.  So Danny and I last night loaded up the laptop and the camera in the car and went searching for free wi-fi.  We finally got signal outside Buffalo Wild Wings, and I was able to upload to facebook.  I wrote my blog post and started to upload the pictures... the first one failed, then I lost signal and my computer died.  I plugged it in this morning before I left for school, so hopefully tonight we can try again. 

Other than finding out about our healthy baby boy, yesterday was kind of crappy!  I just couldn't get anything to go my way.  I was sick all morning (I know its my fault, but I didn't know it then!), it was pouring down rain, my dad made me feel guilty about posting that we are having a baby on facebook saying how people were going to be shocked (not in a good way), I didn't get to update the blog and then my hot water for my shower never really got hot.  Hopefully today will be much better!  As for what my dad said, I know that we didn't do things in the right order and I realize that everyone is able to do the simple arithmetic and figure that out for themselves.  However, I do not see the point in being ashamed.  We want this baby!  We are extremely proud and excited to know that we have started our family and in June will welcome our healthy baby boy!  So that is that... we're having a boy!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for ya'll, God's little blessings are WONDERFUL to watch learna nd grow everyday. I know Trey will be excited to have a boy cousin to play with and the twins will each have an Easterling boy...haha!

  2. Hey Amber! I found your blog from a comment on Shay's blog. So excited for you and your new addition. As I'm sure you know, children are a gift from God no matter when they come or if they are in our plans or not. As someone who knows a thing or two about doing things out of order I totally understand disappointed the parents! All that to say that while it may be hard for people to accept now once that sweet, precious baby boy is here all of that will be forgotten because he will be impossible not to love!!! Congrats again!!

  3. Boys are AWESOME!!!!!!! You're going to love your new little man!!! Congratulations!