Friday, January 29, 2010


So finally I am able to try this again!  Hopefully I will get them posted before my battery dies again!  YAY! 

Our first sonogram to confirm the pregnancy; I was 5w 3d. 10/29/09

Our second sonogram from our first official OB appointment, 7w 2d, 11/11/09
(He's the little blob labeled baby)

The third sonogram from Dr. Weiss our maternal and fetal medicine specialist
12w 2d, 12/16/09

Yesterday's sonogram!  18w 3d, 1/28/10
The bottom is the one that shows we are having a boy.  If he hadn't labeled it, I still wouldn't know.

Thank heaven for little boys! Who can resist this precious onesie!?

I love it!  I'm so excited!

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  1. My mom and I decided that your mom would be a perfect Mimi. Mimis are young, hip and not old ladies. Terri equals Mimi :).