Monday, February 1, 2010


We finally got some things accomplished and I couldn't be more excited about it!  I found a dresser on Craigslist the other day so Sunday afternoon, Danny and I went to check it out.  It was just what I wanted and we got an armoir too!  Now all I need to do is actually purchase the fabric, paint the room and refinish all the hardwood floors.  Well, I say I, I'll purchase everything and tell Danny to do it!  I don't think the dust and fumes would be too good for me or baby!  When we got home last night, we took apart the full-size bed in the guest room and took it to the garage.  Then we did what I have been wanting to do for months!  We pulled up the nasty carpet!  Granted, none of the carpet was nasty when I moved in (brand new actually), but my two dogs apparently still could smell other dog smell in the middle and front bedrooms and marked their territory.  These are housetrained dogs.  They never potty anywhere else, just those specific places.  Anyway, no amount of scrubbing was going to remove those stains and I was so tired of it.  However, since there was carpet down when I bought the house, there was no way of knowing what condition the hardwoods were in.  My house was built in 1954 so chances were slim.  They aren't terrible... mostly just some discoloration, nothing a nice sanding and varnish can't handle.  We need to get this stuff done though so we can put the house on the market.  I would like to put it up by March.  Hopefully, it will sell more quickly if I can make it look like a showplace.  Maybe some dumb, single girl who wants to prove she is a grown up will come along and buy it... hey, stranger things have happened:)

Here are the pieces we got yesterday plus swatches of the fabric we have chosen.


Excuse the picture quality, all I had was my phone.  I will post more pictures when the room is complete!

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