Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, so December flew by and I never got a chance to update.  I think after I told my mom I did not need to vent as much.  I was also focused on our wedding!  That's right folks, on December 19, 2009, Danny and I got married!  I am now Mrs. Daniel Easterling.  It was kind of funny, the preacher didn't know we were pregnant but decided to tie our wedding into the Christmas story.  Went on and on about the unwed mother... I am sure Danny and I had some classic looks on our faces... at that point I was too scared to look at him because I thought I would start laughing.  Anyway, we had a beautiful wedding and an awesome reception... we had so much fun!  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  Thank you cards are coming soon I promise!

On to baby news!  Well, we saw the specialist that Dr. Diaz referred me to and everything was fine.  Well, everything but that fact that baby is huge!  We were 12 weeks at our appointment and the average length should be 2.1 inches... ours was 2.5!  Almost a half inch above average and we were only 12 weeks in!  Scary!  I knew Danny would give me ginormous babies... Maybe he or she will average out again.

Which brings me to my next topic... the sex of the baby!  We go to the doctor tomorrow for our monthly checkup.  We are 15 weeks which makes knowing what we are having a possibility.  We have gotten a sonogram at every other visit, but all I know about tomorrow is that I am getting bloodwork.  If we don't find out tomorrow, then we will find out when we go back to the specialist for follow up and second trimester screening on jan. 27th (18 weeks!).  If they can't tell then, we will have to wait for our next monthly with Dr. Diaz which will most likely be the first Wednesday in February (19 weeks). 

It is so strange to be pregnant.  For the most part, it has held true for me that the second trimester is better than the first.  Mostly I can't believe how much time has passed and that I'm already 4 months pregnant!  I haven't gotten sick near as much or as often, but when I do it hits with a fury!  Our lovely wedding day, the heat and fumes got to me in the nail place and I got sick.  Then after getting my hair done, I was sitting there waiting on Alicia and feeling so much better until Diane filled the room with a cloud of hairspray.  Baby doesn't like hairspray (its like its mama)... threw up 2 times on the service road and then again on the overpass and several times in the 7-11 on the other side.  Yea, thats cute, hair done, veil in, leaning out of an SUV puking my guts out.  Lovely.  One day I was just sitting there after dinner, when bam!  I was running to the bathroom to empty my stomach.  This morning all I did was brush my teeth... twice.  The gas is embarrassing to.  Good thing I work in a classroom with un-potty-trained kiddos... I'm kidding but it would be nice to use them as a scapegoat!  For the most part, looking at me, you can't tell I'm pregnant.  My assistant actually said it looked like I have lost weight.  I can tell though, and Danny can tell.  Anyone who notices my boobs can tell... they are huge!!!  Like Pamela Anderson only with more everywhere else.  I mean, I've always had big ones, but this is getting ridiculous!  My bras are too small and I'm honestly scared to get measured for new ones.  Plus, what if they grow more!  I told Danny I wanted a masectomy.  I know it is wrong to wish for that, but they hurt so bad and they are heavy, my back hurts all the time!  I want to get to the fun stuff, like feeling the baby kick, and actually having a pregnant belly rather than just feeling bloated and fat. 

I have decided that after I have little AGE (pronounced Aggie not age) I am going to lose all the weight, all the pregnancy weight, after college weight, college weight and moving to Waco weight.  All of it, over a hundred pounds.  I want to live a long and healthy life with my husband and kids.  Plus, I want to be at my ideal weight before my next pregnancy.  I want to see and experience what normal people do!  I see pictures of my friends pregnant and their pregnancy photos and they have these beautiful round pregger bellies.  Yea, not me, I have my regular chub, only instead of a distinct upper and lower belly, its becoming one large roll.  Fabulous.  I really think I will be able to do it.  Especially if Danny isn't deployed and I get to stay home, AGE and I are going to be super active!

Okay, I will have to update this more often, because that took entirely too much time!  I need to get back to work... so much to do!

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