Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 more weeks...

... until we find out what we are having! Dr. Diaz was able to hear the heartbeat (strong and sounds great) without a sonogram so we didn't get one.  So now we have to wait until we go back to Dr. Weiss for our second trimester screening to find out.  I've decided I want to know!  After registering the other night and only being able to choose green and yellow, I want to know. 

Last night I went to look for maternity clothes.  I had heard that destination maternity had plus size clothes, but really high prices, but they were having a sale so I decided to give them a try.  When I first walked in, the sales lady greeted me, introduced herself, offered me juice or water, and asked what I was looking for.  Granted, the plus size section is tiny, but it wasn't bad.  The first pair of jeans I tried on fit!  That has NEVER happened to me before.  They were having a sale, but I didn't think the prices were too bad.  Granted the plus-sizes were the Motherhood brand so I didn't look at the other two brands (the cute little trendy pregger clothes).  I don't really need them yet, but I went ahead and bought some clothes and a new fabulous bra!  Ok, so fabulous is an overstatement, but the biggest bras I had from when my boobs were ginormous were too small!  I had to have something. 

I went to Jo-Ann's today to look at fabric for a nursery.  Looking at the rooms in the stores showed me what I didn't want.  Plus I have a mother that used to make baby rooms for a living!  I have decided that it will be blues and greens for a boy and red (yes red and not pink!) for a girl.  Nan Poe will be so proud of me!  The only pink I would choose is more of a raspberry, a deep dark pink... no baby pink!  Plus red just gives you so many more options and can grow with the kid so much better. 

So do we know what we want?  Not really, we would like a boy first just for the older brother protector thing, but tonight danny admitted he would like a little girl.  Danny acts all tough like he is going to be a super strict parent.  I know if we have a little girl though, he is going to melt like butter and have her daddy wrapped around her finger from day 1.  I can't wait to say I told you so!  I can wait for having to be the bad guy when she bats her eyes at Daddy and he says its okay. 

I'm exhausted so its bedtime.  I have to go get my thyroid level checked in the morning... yipee, nothing like getting blood work done to start your weekend off right!!

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