Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick of being sick!

Sunday night about 7:30 or 8 I did not feel well.  I hugged the toilet from then until last night.  I finally got to eat today.  I stayed home from work today to make sure I was back to normal.  I didn't want to go back with absolutley nothing in my system.  I feel better now.  Still not 100% but getting there.  I will be back to work in the morning.  One full day, two half days, then a 3 day weekend and 1 full day with no kids.  Should make it easy to take it easy.  My brain is still not functioning... it has taken forever to write just this. 

Good things about this weekend!  We registered for baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby!  So much fun!  We found a crib that we like that turns into a twin bed and it is much smaller than the other convertible cribs.  I just wanna know if this is a girl or a boy rolling around in my belly!  15 more days!

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