Monday, November 30, 2009

We told my parents!

Last Wednesday we drove to Sherman and told my parents the happy news.  Overall they are happy, disappointed we didn't wait a couple months, and just worried about us.  Its just such a relief to not have to hide it from them anymore.  We are still going to keep it quiet until after the wedding just because. 

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I actually made the turkey, gravy, corn casserole, and green beans this year!!  I was kinda proud of myself.  Now if I could display that much domesticity at home I would be in good shape!  I cannot believe we will be married in just under 3 weeks!  19 days!!!!!!

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  1. AMBER NICOLE! You left a comment on my blog! Now, instead of wrapping Christmas presents, I'm reading all of your posts and trying to catch up. Please email me so that we can catch up better than via blog. It's Congratulations on the baby! Pregnancy sucks but parenthood rocks!