Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gibbs on the Mend...

Seems like all the travel and weather finally caught up with baby boy.  He hasn't run a fever, but he has this horrible cough for about a week.  Breathing treatments, chest PT, antibiotic ran out, started oral steriod that he really doesn't like, red cheeks, screaming fits during treatment.... I don't like having a sick baby!  Its so sad!  He gets so sleepy he practically falls into me and he wants to fight sleep but he doesn't have the energy so he just curls against my chest as the cry gets quieter and slower and his eyes finally slow.  I sit there rocking him and holding him and marvel at how big he has gotten in these past six months.  He's only 6 inches longer, but he weighs 12 pounds more than when we brought him home.  He just seems like he is ginormous compared to that little man!  I know a couple people who have had babies this week and its just making me a little sad to see my little boy growing up so quickly!  And him being sick just adds to it!  But overall, I have everything in the world to be thankful for... except for this bad cold, Gibson is healthy and a very happy little baby boy!

Such a big boy now!

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