Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gibson's First Christmas!

I will try to pick my favorites!  I took Gibson to Texarkana to have Christmas Eve with his father and the Easterlings and then on to Sherman for the rest of the holidays with the Nickels!

PawPaw gave Gibson a toy that was his when he was a little boy... so sweet!

Gibson was so excited to see Big Mama and cousin Trey!

Ok, that Santa hat plays music... he was like "Where is that coming from?!"


Cousin Trey!  Both boys have amazing huge eyes, Trey has his mama's big blue ones!

Mommy and Daddy both got to help!

Aunt Sonya, the boys and baby Aylor is on the way!

Christmas jammies and last bottle Christmas Eve in Sherman with Papa!

Good Morning!  Next set of Christmas jammies and quality time with Unc!

Poor little Gibson... so pooped!

And I'm back and ready to go!  (These little spurts of energy got shorter and the naps got longer!)

Playtime with Papa on my new mat with new workbench!

Christmas carrots = Christmas bath!

My mom had to take a picture of Gibson in my old rocking chair in front of her tree with Christmas jammies on... on New Year's Day.

Happy Holidays from Gibson!

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