Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worn out!

Gibson is hanging on to this cold!  Daycare called Wednesday for me to pick up Gibson.  Mom came down to watch him Thursday and Friday and take him back to the doctor on Friday.  He got two more perscriptions... he can't go back to daycare until after his next doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  Since I am out of school Monday, we are just hanging out here and my mom will be back on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please pray for my little boy, his cough sounds awful and he just isn't himself...

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  1. I hope that Gibon gets well in a hurry. We put Hailey Grace in school last year this time and it was a rough spring. I think there might have been a week or two the entire semester that she wasn't on antibiotics. BUT...she hasn't had a cold until this morning since MAY!!! So, it will help build their immune system even though we don't like it. I was throwing fits last spring, we were in hospital, etc.