Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Texas Sized!

I just got out of my 33 week appointment.  All is good.  The cramping I had today was Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Guess my body is just preparing itself for what the doctor said is a Big Texas Sized Baby growing in me!!!  He said he is already over 5 pounds!  YAY!  My blood pressure was still good but still a little higher than normal for me so we will just keep an eye on it.  I am hanging out at the hospital tonight.  I have prep for childbirth class at 7 so I ate here.  Now I'm blogging here and checking facebook.  I should be doing lesson plans, but this is way more fun!  As promised, here are some pictures of the nursery.  All of the bedding was made by my wonderfully talented and beautiful mother.  Since these were taken, we have added a rug and one curtain.  I will probably get the other curtain Saturday when my mom comes down to go to Lamaze class with me.  Danny had to work so my mom is filling in!  He also had to work tonight so I'm going to have to take care of the baby alone.  It is all good though because honestly, when he joins the Army, there will be times when I will be alone and I will have to do everything by myself.  Guess I better get used to it!

Ok, here they are:

The beautiful hardwood floors after Danny refinished them.

The baby bedding... all we need is our baby boy!

The diaper stacker... I remember my mom making these all the time when I was little and thinking that they were the coolest things!  I was a wierd kid...

The glider I was able to get with the gift card the school gave me for a wedding present.  We needed baby stuff more!

The lampshade I painted... not bad, just don't turn it on with the lights off... totally doesn't have the coverage I thought it did!

One of the art pieces I did... stole the design from a pillow my mom got the baby.

There is a third one with the babies name, but I can't post it yet!

I have my baby shower at school tomorrow and I am so excited!  So far it is the only one I am having... people keep asking and I just have to say uh... i dunno.  Awww- there is a baby getting to go home!  I love newborns and can't wait to meet mine!

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