Monday, May 10, 2010

Paranoia and pregnancy don't mix

I am the kind of person who over- analyzes everything.  This is especially accentuated when I am hormonal or stressed.  Yea, I'm not having issues or freak-outs at all.  Course all these newsletters and books are meant to keep you informed in case there is a problem.  Is that what they do for me?  NO!  They scare me to death and convince me that I'm going to have the baby any minute!  Last week I had a scary moment, turned out to be nothing.  (but i did get to see baby!)  I honestly think the baby dropped Saturday but it seems too soon.  Now i'm having another symptom but don't know if I should call or just wait til my regular appointment on Wednesday.  I don't want to be that paranoid pregnant lady.  On the other hand, if something is wrong, I want to do everything I can to make sure baby is okay.  Any advice for me?


  1. Email me...what's your symptom this time?

  2. Don't feel bad for calling, it's their job!! That's what my nurse told me.

  3. I called, they will check me out on Wednesday. Basically, my body is just preparing to give birth and they aren't concerned so I'm choosing not to worry about it!