Friday, May 14, 2010

It is official!

I am extremely happy to report that Danny was sworn in as a future soldier last night!  The right people finally measured him to be within the Army standards (even though according to his recruiter and our measurements, he has been there for a couple months)!  My school gave me a baby shower yesterday and I got some amazing things!  Lots of amazing things actually... our pack and play and highchair, tons of clothes teethers, rattles, a book, and other things.  We are very lucky!  Overall, yesterday was a great day for the Easterling family!

Steph and I decided last night that we would have our "friends" shower after the baby comes.  Otherwise, it was going to have to be next weekend and we didn't think that was enough notice.  Especially since most of my good friends are at least two hours away!  The next weekend is Memorial Day and then Steph is going to Wisconsin from June 4th through 20th!  (Apparently I have to have him either before or after her trip:)) We are going to have a "Welcome to the World Baby Boy" shower instead.  I think it will work out great because people will get to meet him! 

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