Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm done...

I'm done with so much right now... I really NEED a break!  We have 9 days of school left which is good because any more would drive me absolutely bonkers.  I am so ready to meet our little guy.  I want to hold him and love him and kiss his little fingers and toes.  My mom's due date for me was miscalculated.  I was supposed to be born in mid to late October and my mom was told a week before I was born (Sept 27th) that she was dialated, I wasn't early, they were just wrong.  I weighed 7lbs 13oz.  I have read that birth patterns can be hereditary.  If that is true, maybe we will be meeting Baby Easterling sooner rahter than later!  IF he is healthy and ready, I say come on baby!  On the other side of that, if he isn't ready, STAY PUT!  I am ready for the insomnia to be over.  I am ready to wear pants with a button and a zipper again!  I am ready to NOT drive to Irving everyday!  Sorry to rant this early in the morning, but I am seriously tired, cranky and ready to be done with school and pregnancy!

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