Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to bed...

Last Thursday, I left school early because my blood pressure had skyrocketed.  When I got to the doctor, he informed me that I had worked my last day until the baby was born.  He then sent me up to L&D for observation.  My blood pressure did go down, so he decided that I could do bedrest at home rather than the antepartum unit.  Thank goodness!  I was not looking forward to a month in the hospital.  Monday I had my follow up appointment and Dr. Carlos confirmed that yes, bedrest was working and so that is what I would be doing. 

Yesterday my mom came and did laundry, helped clean... it was fabulous!  Everything is ready... we just need baby!  The nurse at the hospital said since I have had high blood pressure, if he hasn't come by the 39th week, they will probably induce... that means we should meet our son by June 21st!  Dr. Carlos said we would probably meet him in the next three weeks!  I cannot wait!

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