Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The floors are varnished and they look great!  All the furniture is in place, the crib is put together!  Well, its almost all in place.  I got home from an exhausting field trip yesterday to find that my wonderful husband had put everything just where I wanted it!  He has worked so hard!  But last night, he went to work and I was sitting in my glider in the nursery and I had rearranged the living room and decided a couple things needed to be moved around.  I tried to do it myself... I put pads under the legs of the armoire to make it easier to move, but it just didn't happen.  I managed to get it in an awkward position where I couldn't move it at all.  Go me!  So I am waiting until today to take pictures and I will post tomorrow.  That's if Danny gets it moved... I'm not going to push it.  Poor guy worked 9pm last night to 7am this morning and has to go back in at 2pm and work til 9 tonight.  Craziness!  My mom is coming down Friday and if the weather isn't bad we are going to have a garage sale... bulk trash is next week so anything that doesn't sell goes to the curb.  Nothing is coming back in this house!  She is also bringing the baby bedding.  I don't think she will have the curtains done yet....  I found a great deal at for the rug, crib sheets and a mattress pad.  They will be here by next Wednesday.  Now all I have to do is get a couple more essentials and some decorative things and everything will be ready!  Less than 9 weeks to go! (Hopefully less... but not too much less!)

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