Monday, April 26, 2010

Great friends= Great weekend!

Caleb and Lindsey came to town on Friday.  When they finally got to our house (they went to IKEA first and ended up in rush hour traffic), they took us out to eat.  I then drove them to Walmart so I could get the rest of the ingredients for the fabulous food I planned to cook them the rest of the weekend.  After I asked Lindsey which kind of biscuits she preferred, she looked at me funny and asked why I needed to know.  I said, well, if I'm going to make breakfast, I want to make sure I get what you like.  She looked like she had seen a ghost and said that she thought I knew that they were just here for the day.  Uh no.  Caleb was supposed to work in Texarkana at 6am Saturday morning.  Thankfully, he got someone to take his shift and they were able to stay until Saturday night!  We went to the Water Gardens in Fort Worth, talked and ate.  It is so good to spend time with them.  Sunday morning we actually got up and went to Sunday school and church!  I was very proud of us.  We drove to Irving to meet Stephanie at her parents house and had a good visit with her and her parents.  I love spending time with their family!  The girls are getting so big!  They have grown since the wedding.  It is hard to believe Steph and Bryan have been married for almost a decade, Kamryn is about to turn 9 and Lauren will be 5.  Where did the time go?  I know when our baby comes time will fly by even faster and I will just want it to stand still so I can savor every moment! 

Please pray for us tomorrow... it's kindergarten field trip day.  One kinder teacher is 36 weeks and I'm 31 weeks and we get to walk around the Ft. Worth Zoo all day.  It sounded much more fun when we decided on it three months ago!

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