Friday, April 23, 2010

I need a miracle!

I started today off on the wrong foot and have not been able to turn it around!  I got stuck in traffic on 35 and was 10 minutes late to work.  The students have been horrible all morning and my aide is on my last nerve. Its only 10 am!  I do not understand why anyone who does not like or understand kids with special needs would take an aide position in a special education classroom.  She is always asking me what is wrong with them or getting mad cause they don't "get it".  First of all, they are five and six years old so their attention span isn't that great to begin with.  Second of all, they would not be in my room if they did not have severe developmental delays.  So that is what is "wrong with them."  It isn't their fault.  They will be perfect on a task one day and the next look at it like they have never seen it before.  That is the nature of special education. You teach, reteach and then reteach some more.  Eventually, they are able to retain the informatin, but it is a process.  A very long process that requires a lot of patience.  My aide does not have any patience.  She has started clicking her tongue when working with them.  That sound drives me nuts.  I am in a room with one students who hums all the time, another who screams randomly and that is the noise that gets to me.  She ends every sentence with "okay".  She holds grudges and does not know how to let things go.  I am probably horrible for posting this but I needed a place to vent.  Otherwise, I might not make it through the day!

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