Thursday, April 29, 2010

All Good!

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and met the doctor from the practice that I hadn't met yet.  He was okay, but I like the others better.  I measured 34cm which is 3 weeks ahead, but still only 1 week outside normal and they won't do an ultrasound unless its 2.  So if I were 1cm bigger, I would have gotten to see the baby.  Then again, I am big enough... I love the comments at school, "Oh wow, you popped out there didn't you" "Haha, you are starting to waddle" "When are you due? ... Oh, you still have a ways to go"  Gee, really, I need these comments.  My self image is disorted enough as it is without others' input!  I'm trying really hard to take it all in stride... I just want to meet the baby!  I did have a pleasant thought though, if I'm measuring 34 which is 3 weeks ahead, maybe he will come 3 weeks early... I'd be 37 weeks so it would be considered full term.  Then again, school gets out on June 4th so I would only have 3 days off.  I don't know why I spend time thinking about it, he will come when he is ready!

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