Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mixed news...

Danny goes to the hotel today and to MEPS tomorrow.  There was a misunderstanding about his paperwork that took a day to figure out and fix.  Tomorrow, he will have his physical and swear in to be an official Future Soldier! 

The part I am conflicted about is when he will go to Basic.  Financially, we do need him to go as soon as possible.  It would mean almost doubling our household income, plus the baby and delivery would be covered under military insurance so we would get the HUGE deductible back that we've been paying over the last 5 months (it was paid into an escrow account at the hospital... they don't want you to not pay so you pay before services are rendered).  I know it would make Danny very happy to go in sooner just because he has wanted to join for so long.  He has worked so hard to get into shape and was getting discouraged when he wasn't being rewarded for it.  BUT, I had gotten used to the fact that he would be here for the baby's birth.  He may very well miss it and we will have to deal with that.  It will be better for our family in the long run.  Its the not knowing that is really driving me nutty. 

Yesterday the doctor called me and wanted me to check my blood pressure because I have had a little swelling.  I've done it twice this morning, the first time was the highest mine has ever been at 145 over 91.  Mine is usually normal or low.  I just had the nurse take it again and it was 141 over 78 so it is going down at least.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor.

On a happy note, here are some pictures from Easter weekend!

Note to self: Don't stand next to your size 4 mom when you're plus-size and 7 months pregnant!
My now much thinner husband Danny and me!
My side of the family... everyone has continually lost weight while I continue to gain...
My parents, happily married for 32 years!

Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy... I had to save them to my phone from my facebook album so that I could email them to myself to get them on here.... apparently that isn't good for quality!

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  1. Amber can I just say that you are beautiful! No need to worry about weight loss right now. You just keep that precious baby healthy :)