Saturday, April 3, 2010

We have a date!

Danny went back to the recruiter on Friday and finally got to reserve his job!  He signed up for infantry (scary yes, but it is what he wants to do) and a 6 year contract.  All the jobs open July 19 were full (go figure), so he will ship out on August 10th and actually start basic on August 20th.  He should be done November 26th so I guess our first family Thanksgiving will be at a hotel in Georgia.  I am so happy for him and us and proud of him!  He has worked so hard and it is FINALLY paying off!  He goes to MEPS on Wednesday.  This is the part I think is hilarious... MEPS is located in downtown Dallas.  We live about 5-6 miles from the federal building where he has to go.  The Army is paying for and making him stay in a hotel on Tuesday night in downtown.  That's a good use of government money.  I guess that is how they make sure people show up.  Anyway, so Tuesday night I will be by myself and who knows when he will be home on Wednesday.  I'll update when I know something new!

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