Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its not preeclampsia, not bronchitis...

Well, Thursday after taking my blood pressure, I called the nurse who talked with the doctor who wanted me to stay home and rest through the weekend and come in on Monday.  Ok, bedrest for a weekend, I can handle that.  Thursday night was fine.  Friday morning I started coughing a little, but nothing terrible.  By Friday night, I was miserable.  I didn't sleep at all on Friday so Saturday morning I called the doctor to see what would be safe for me to take and not raise my blood pressure.  The doctor on call was one of the other doc's from the practice who wanted to know why they didn't have me come in on Friday.  He wanted to be on the safe side and asked me to go in to Labor and Delivery and get checked out.  I go in and my blood pressure and everything is fine.  They are concerned about the chest rattling cough though.   They take my blood oxygen and it was only at 94% (supposed to be higher than 97%).  So they give me a breathing treatment, tell me I have bronchitis, and write me perscriptions for an inhaler and a z-pack.  Then they still want me to come in Monday morning.  So yesterday I went to my regular OB who listened to me breathe and sent me to get a chest x-ray and gave me the number of a pulmonologist  to call and see this week and to come back on Friday.  All good to go back to work, blood pressure is fine and the bronchitis is most likely bronchitis, the x-ray is just to make sure.   No such luck.  I was about to call to set up the appointment with the pulmonologist when my OB called me.  The chest x-ray came back and I have pneumonia.  Fabulous.  She made me an appointment for today at 1 for the pulmonologist (I am probably spelling it wrong, I just don't care right now!)  I am scared to death to go to this appointment.  Everytime I go in something is worse than we thought.  I also made the mistake of reading about the complications of pneumonia and pregnancy.  Huge mistake, I know better.  I am so thankful everytime this baby kicks me because it reminds me that he is strong and healthy and that everything will work out.  Please just keep us in your prayers!

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