Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My thing with Valentine's

Ok, I get the holiday, I do, but seriously it has gone so far overboard.  I am not so cynical that I like to rain on everyone else's parade, but I just don't celebrate it.  I never liked it growing up... my favorite part was the homemade card from my mom.  If I did have a special someone, they usually broke up with me or cheated on me the week before.  In the past five or six years, during either the week before or the week after, a loved one has died.  Its just not a happy week for me.  I despise all of the commercials that tell men to go out and buy tons of gifts... diamonds, chocolate, flower, stuffed animals... it is ridiculous.  I save cards, so if I got a card it would be stuck in the filing cabinet with my other cards.  The chocolate would be gone at an embarrassing rate, flowers would be in the trash after a couple days cause I can't keep the dang things alive.  Stuffed animals would be put in the nursery probably but would most likely end up in a box with keepsakes in the storage shed.  Diamonds are nice, but if Danny went and bought me any I would kill him.  I lose jewelry too often to have real stuff... I am so proud to have kept up with my Aggie ring and my engagement ring this long!  I just think it is way too commercialized.  Don't go buy me something because some corporate hack bought air time and told you too.  On the other hand, if you just want to get me anything to express your feelings toward me any other day of the year, I will happily accept. 

Ok, now that I have that off my chest.... we had another great weekend!  Thursday, by 10pm we had 8 inches of snow!  And it was still coming down!  Friday we were both off due to the weather so we slept late, lounged around, and then went to my parents that afternoon.  We were supposed to play games with my parents sunday school class' game night, but they all wanted to watch the Olympic Opening Cermonies instead.  So we watched all the countries walk in, then the group decided to go home before the weather got bad!  It was kind of a bust.  Saturday, my mom and I went to Flower Mound for Penny's funeral while my dad and Danny went to the farm to feed the cows, to a horse auction, and apparently to Walgreens to get Valentine's chocolate.  (I got 3 cadbury eggs, which I accepted because they are technically Easter candy, I can't resist them, and Danny had to get the manager to pull them out of the back because they weren't displaying them yet!) Saturday night we played Outburst Remix and my mom and I kept losing!  Who knew my dad and Danny would be so good!  I am good at that game too... Alicia and I played for 10 hours one time because she wouldn't go to bed until she beat me!  Needless to say, I was frustrated.  Sunday we went to church, out to lunch and enjoyed a day of pure laziness.  It was wonderful and much needed and repeated on Monday.

Today it is back to work, but we are both rejuvenated by our fabulous weekend.  We are 21 weeks!  Only 19 to go!  According to thebump.com, this week our baby is a banana.  How he went from a cantelope last week to a banana this week is beyond me.  Next week we are supposed to be a papaya.  I found one at walmart cause I couldn't recall what it looked like and OH MY!  It was huge!  a little scared now!


  1. Wait until it says, "watermelon"!!

  2. I thought about that, but when I was at Walmart checking out the papaya, it was right next to the watermelon. They only had the tiny watermelons so the papayas were actually bigger! I would be terrified with twins though! Does it work out that you have two watermelons or are they both combined to be a watermelon?