Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad and Thankful

Yesterday I learned that one of my childhood friend's mother passed away.  She had been dealing with myeloid leukemia since November 2008.  Penny Reagan was a sweet lady.  She always had a beautiful smile on her face.  She was one of those people who asked how you were because she was truly interested and would listen to what you had to say.  She was a genuine person and a good friend to my mom and many others.  Her oldest son, Russell, and I went to preschool together.  They moved away and then back to Irving during elementary, but we all stayed friends through graduation.  I haven't talked to Russell or Penny in years.  I think I saw Penny and Duane last at Michael Bell's wedding a couple years ago.  She was just as kind and inviting then as she always had been. 

This is the second friend I have had in as many months lose his mother.  Todd Reinders lost his mother a couple months ago after losing his father our freshman year of college.  I just cannot imagine.  It isn't necessarily that I knew these women well that makes me sad.  Its that they were too young.  These were vibrant women in their 50s.  They should have had decades left with family and friends to spoil grandchildren and travel.  As their children, it is right that we bury our parents instead of the other way around, I know that.  I just cannot imagine doing it now.  I would be completely lost without my mother.  And my father for that matter.  Losing either of them now would be heartbreaking.  Not that it is ever easy, that isn't my point either.  I think there just comes a time when it is more expected.  As for me, I am blessed with extremely healthy parents.  I am so thankful that they are in my life and we have the relationship that we have.  Other than some back problems, my mom has never even been sick.  My dad has had heart scares, but that is all they have been... scares.  He is now trying to get down to a healthy weight. 

I think this hit me so hard because I am pregnant.  I have lost all my grandparents.  On the other hand, I knew all of them for the first 11 years of my life and I feel extremely blessed for that.  I know not everyone is so lucky.  I want our son to be so lucky.  I want him to know all four of his grandparents for many many years.  I want him to have special memories of all of them just like I had with mine.  I want to be able to share my parenthood journey with them.  I cannot think of anything (besides my baby boy) that would be more precious than that.  SO I guess my point is this... tell your parents you love them.  Next time you see them genuinely tell them how much they mean to you and hug them tight.  You never know what will happen and you don't want there to be anything you wish you had said or done.  I know I get a little mellow dramatic about these things.  Each time I hear about it happening, I latch on to my mommy like a 4 year old on the first day of school.  I know I do the extreme.  Losing my mom is one of my biggest fears, she is my best friend.

On a happier note, we had a fantastic weekend.  We went to Texarkana Friday and spent some time with Danny's parents and Caleb and Lindsey.  We drove on to Hot Springs to see BJ Sonya and Trey.  It was great to get to spend time with them.  Sunday, we went with them to Cecil Ray and Misty's house for Misty's birthday party and the superbowl.  So many babies!  Cecil Ray and Misty have 7 month old twin girls, Hayley and Hannah.  Trey is 2 weeks older than the girls and there were a couple 2 year olds and a 5 year old there.  So much fun!  Hayley loved Danny.  He played, fed and put her to sleep.  He is so great with kids and I am so grateful to have married a man that is so good with children. 

It is snowing like crazy outside!  Last update I heard had moved the expected snowfall from 1-3" to 4-7"!  In Dallas!  We took all the kindergarteners out all bundled up and let them play for about 10 minutes.  They loved it... snowballs were flying everywhere.  It will be interesting to see how cold it gets overnight.  My drive home tonight will be interesting and they drive in the morning will be even worse.  Should make for an interesting weekend.  I will be uploading our wedding pictures to facebook sometime this weekend.  We ended up getting all the digital files... so excited!  I'll put some of my favorites on here.

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  1. Ugggg...I hate getting old because I hate the thought of losing loved ones. I didn't know about Todd's parents. That literally makes me sick to my stomach. How can I feel so sad and so blessed at the same time? Thanks for letting me know about Russell's mom.