Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apparently the more know, the merrier!

I should have known women in schools cannot keep a secret.  One teacher misunderstood who another was talking about and thought she knew about me.  Then one of the ladies I told said something to me as another teacher was coming into the hall.  Basically more people were finding out so I decided it would be better for the office to hear it from me rather than somewhere else.  So I went to the office and only 1 admin was in there and I knew I would never get them all together so I went to my room and sent them an email.  Quick, effective, and I don't have to see their reaction!  Feels good to let it out.  Part of me wants to tell my parents so badly!  Then again, I know my parents and they will be so worried and I don't think they are going to be near as excited as everyone else has been.  I know they will be happy and I know it will be okay, I just think they are going to be disappointed that it is happening now rather than later.  I just don't know which would be better....

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