Monday, November 9, 2009

whirlwind weekend!

What a weekend!  Friday I was sick so Friday night we basically stayed in, watched the DVR-d shows we missed during the week.  Saturday was a huge day... woke up early after sleeping an insane amount of hours Friday and Friday night.  Got my hair done (lady is amazing, me being lazy I haven't washed it yet and I still have curls!), got my makeup done, ate lunch with mom and then had my bridal portraits taken.  It was fun!  I felt so pretty!  Got alot of explanation for the ginormous boobs I had on saturday in my email just now.  Swollen boobies are a pregnancy symptom that happens between the 6th and 7th weeks.  I got the proofs tonight and my boobs looked huge.  I know they are big but dang! 

I so wanted to tell my mom all day on saturday.  After she dropped me back at my car in Irving, I headed home to change clothes and pick up Danny and she went to Lynn's to change.  Then we met up again at Laura and Clint's wedding.  Everything was beautiful. I'm really glad we went because we had so much fun! 

We're entering week #7, we have a blueberry!

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