Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

What a great weekend!  Friday, I honestly can't remember what we did.  I know we got to leave school when the kiddos left so I got home early and took a nap and Danny got a new boots for work, but other than that, I have no recollection of the evening.  Strange...  Saturday we had a great day!   We met my parents at the Hilton for a menu tasting and to finalize details for the wedding.  The food was excellent... get excited people we are going to eat very well on Dec 19th!  Danny and I wanted to test the new camera and so we went to the water gardens in Fort Worth.  I'll get the pictures posted... we have an awesome camera!  Saturday night we went and got a couple movies and candy and got ready for the trick or treaters.  Not one kiddo came to our door!  Not one!  We were so dissapointed!  Not to mention the fact that we have all this candy to eat and that is exactly what we need...

Sunday we went to church, and then just hung out til Caleb and Lindsey got into town.  We went to Allen to meet up with them.  We ate at Mooyah... so good, and cheap!  Danny and I were both full on junior burgers and shared fries and we both got a drink and it was less than $14.  Yummy!  I knew Danny wanted to tell Caleb and the second we saw them, I wanted to tell them too!  So we did.  We had also decided that we would ask them to be the Godparents of our baby... They said yes! 

This pregnancy fatigue is getting to me.  We went to bed late last night.  I woke up sick this morning and got so upset... poor Danny!  I was upset that he didn't come help me when I called... honestly, he was snoozing and didn't know I had called him.  When he woke up and realized what happened, he was so sweet.  Just held me and calmed me down.  I love him so much, he is so good to me.    One month and 18 days til I marry this wonderful man!

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