Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just want to tell everyone I know!  I talked to my mom numerous times today and wanted to tell her each time.  I want to ask her questions, share the experience with her and I can't.  This part is so frustrating.  So I tried to keep my mind off of it tonight by writing thank you notes and addressing invitations.  Of course in finalizing the invitations, I had to double check the list with my mom so it didn't do much in the way of distraction.  Then Boomer Bear had tummy troubles.  Cleaning up doggie puke while nauseated is not fun!  Finally finished all of it about 9:30 and really wanted to get stamps and put the thank yous at least in the mail tonight.  So I get in the car to go and I'm out of gas... I am just glad I did it tonight so I didn't get in the car to go to work in the morning and realize it then.  So I go to get gas, go to the ATM to get cash for stamps because last time I went to the post office, it didn't have a vending machine that took cards.  Of course when I got to the post office, they only took debit cards.  Now I have a $20 bill in my wallet which I hate because it will disappear so quickly and I won't have any idea where that money went.  Now is when we really need to start saving not randomly spending twenty at a time!

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