Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is OFFICIAL!!!!

WE ARE DEFINITELY HAVING A BABY!!!  I had the official doctor's appointment today and I am at about 5 weeks, 3 days and baby will be here June 28th!  We did have an ultrasound to verify the preganancy and make sure it is in the uterus and not a fallopian tube or anywhere else.  All is good!  We have Baby's first picture!  Course it is more of a black hole where my uterus is and a white sack that is the baby (really just a sack not yet a baby) but its a picture!  I looked at the calendar of my pregnancy and I will enter my second trimester a couple days after the wedding!  Good news is the doc says I most likely will not be showing at the wedding... yay!  This gives me the opportunity to tell all the parents the way I want to.  We will be on our honeymoon on Christmas Day and driving home the 26th and 27th.  So my idea was to leave Christmas presents with the announcement wrapped with family members for them to open Christmas morning.  Course this means trusting them to actually not open them until that morning but I think they will do it... I think it will be fun to see their reactions but my dad has that covered... he sets up a tripod and has taped every Christmas since 1985 or 86.  Course since it will be just the two of them this year at the farm instead of the house, watch this be the one year he doesn't do it.  Now I just have to figure out the actual message for each person and the gift.  Good thing I have a few weeks to decide!  I want to tell my mom so bad but I think this will be an exciting way for them to find out, plus we will be married at this point so all the wedding worries will be past.  We will see!  For now though, it will just be our little secret!


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