Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait...

This is one of those Army concepts that drives me insane.  Danny can only write letters for about the first month he is there.  He has been gone for almost three weeks and I've received 5 letters.  However, the last one that I received was on Wednesday and was written last Sunday.  As of that letter, he still had not received anything from me.  So its this constant rush to answer questions and say what you need to say so you can get it in the mail as quickly as possible.  And then you wait...  Has he received it yet?  Has he written back?  Is he going to? 

You may be wondering why I even care... Those 5 letters, Danny's first full week in Basic had him thinking that he was wrong, and that he wants to work it out.  I just want the chance to try.  So I'm definitely proceeding with caution.  It very well could me that he is just lonely (he has never been good with the whole being alone thing).  On the other side of that, he gets a 36 hour pass Nov. 25th and 26th.  It will be our first Thanksgiving so part of me really wants to go.  The other part of me thinks, in what capacity do you want me there.  As your friend?  As your wife?  As the person bringing your son to visit?  Waiting for these answers is driving me nuts. 

I need prayers for strength and guidance... I'm definitely learning lessons in trust and patience!


  1. Hey girl I will be praying for you. It is nuts and hard to wait we just went through it with my brother the letters take FOREVER. I do know that basic really makes them think there were things that my brother needed to work out with our dad and it all came out in the letters. Not getting to talk to your family is killer and I truly hope for you and Gibson he is thinking long and hard and he misses what he had.

  2. I'm am happy to hear that he wants to try and make it work. That way you will know you did everything in your heary. The unknown answer is such a hard and long wait. I pray that God eases your pain and helps you find comfort during this testing time. He has a wonderful life planned for you!!!