Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Singing in the rain!

I absolutely love the rain!  I love the sound it makes on the roof.  I love wearing my bright pink rain boots and splashing in puddles.  I love twirling an umbrella.  I love the way the rain comes and refreshes everything and makes it new again.  Grass is made greener, plants stand up taller, streets are washed clean, allergens go away.  It just makes me happy.  I see every rainy period as a new beginning.  It rained the day Gibson was born until we brought him home.  Now, when I need it, the rain came back.  And it just keeps coming.  I love it!  Last night I sleep great for the first time in so long.  It was wonderful.  Plus my mom came down to take Gibson to the doctor today so I didn't have to wake him up.  Added bonus!  My baby boy is sleeping so well in the night!  He has been going down about 8:30 or 9 and I usually have to wake him up at 5am to feed and get ready for our day.  I absolutely have to be out the door and on the road by 6:15am.  Turns out he just has some drainage which is causing the cough, we just need to continue to watch it.  She did go ahead and give him an antibiotic for his ears, they weren't bad yet, but they were heading that way.  I hope he feels better soon, that little cough is heartbreaking! 

Little side note, just before I deactivated my facebook account, I noticed Danny had changed his relationship status from married to "in a relationship with Holley Diane Hardin."  Someone had already commented "I thought you were married?"  I had to laugh.  Its just too much.  My mom saw it the next morning and it took all the strength she had not to comment that he is in fact married, to her daughter no less and to continue telling him all the things she has held back to this point.  If she ever gets the chance, I hope I get to be there.  My dad's anger is one thing... it has always been explosive, he would never hurt anyone, but the sheer volume and shade of red he turns can be terrifying!  My mother's temper is a whole different story.  She doesn't say things, she talks to those she is angry with as she drives down the road (I get this from her).  People on 75 must truly think she is crazy during this past month and a half.  She knows she will get tongue tied or not say things just the way she wants to say them and end up dwelling on a point she isn't truly that angry about because all the emotion with the point she is truly angry about is just too much.  I don't know if my mother has ever been this angry at one person.  I have seen the temper only a few times in my life and I have nightmares about it.  My mother is one of the sweetest people you will ever know and it is VERY difficult to get on her bad side.  God help the ones that do.  Danny has since removed my parents as friends on Facebook.  I find this funny.  He forgot to delete my brother (also in protective older brother mood and hoping never to see Danny again, he was warned before our wedding not to hurt me...), my ex-sister-in-law, aunts, cousins, etc.  Oh well.  Its all very silly.  Perhaps if I had a TV I would have something else to focus on.  Being as the computer is my only form of entertainment (when Gibson is sleeping of course), I had gotten way too wrapped up in the day to day lives and ponderings of my friends and family. 

The rain has come and given me a new hope for tomorrow.  A better day, a better future for all of us.  It's a new adventure and I am excited to see how it goes!

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  1. Hi Amber! I had no idea you were blogging. Look forward to keeping up with you more - but so very sad to come across it during such a difficult time. I so admire your strength and the will to move on, most people get stuck in a rut and never get out. It sounds like you are being healthy and realistic and doing what's best for you and Gibson. Lots of love and prayers from Mike and I!

    Amber Bell