Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Done with Facebook

I had my facebook account for the last ten years.  I kept it when everyone went over to myspace and then went back to checking it when everyone returned.  What I have come to realie is that it is a sick obsession.  I didn't look for good things.  I got the bright idea last night to look back through my husband's girlfriends statuses to see when she changed her relationship status to "its complicated" (uh yea, dating a married man with a kid can be complicated)... I didn't get that far.  She had quoted him on July 30th with a pet phrase he always said to me.  I was LIVID!  That means he did in fact start cheating before he ever said anything to me.  He was gone before I ever knew a thing.  But I digress, I went kinda crazy, started commenting on her facebook page.  Basically I acted like I was her age, not mine.  I'm not proud of that.  I realized that the only way I can not look is to not have the account.  I know myself too well and if I have it, I'll look.  I have no will power whatsoever.  So I said goodbye to the people who have done nothing but support and farewell to the evilness of facebook.  I posted a link to this blog so hopefully people will keep up with it that way.  A new design is coming!!

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