Monday, November 16, 2009

PS for the moment....

Stole this from a friends blog, but PS will be a segment on either Pregnancy Sucks or Pregnancy Stuff... depending on the circumstance.  Today it is the former.  I can't keep anything down.  I stayed home sick today.  I was just now able to keep down some cheerios and a glass of water.  I am exhausted... I slept all night last night and all day today and I cannot wait for Danny to get home from class so that I can go back to bed.  There is alot they don't tell you about pregnancy.  Yes, I do have all these fabulous cravings for wonderful food things, some normal, some strange, yet all completely intolerable and therefore I have yet to indulge in one!  Its so frustrating to want to taste something and yet the thought of chewing and swallowing it makes you want to run screaming to the bathroom.  I also started having some abdominal cramping which the doctor said was normal.  It is incredibly hard not to be able to talk to my mom about this.  I want to know what she went through, how she felt.  I want her advice and to be able to tell her everything.  Not sharing this with her is so hard!  I so wanted to tell them on Sunday but they were tired and didn't want to meet us and I couldn't think of a good reason for us to go up there.  I know she knows something is up and that I am hiding something from her.  That kills me.   I want to tell her something, anything so badly!  I have found myself randomly calling her with absolutely nothing to say hoping desperatley that she will come out and ask me.  Ok, I have to pee for the umpteenth time tonight (which I also find interesting given I haven't been able to even keep down liquids) so I better cut it off for tonight.   Hope the rest of this week is better than today!

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