Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good weekend!

There wasn't anything particularly spectacular about this weekend.  Friday, Gibson fell asleep about 7 and slept throught the night giving me ALOT of mommy time!  Seriously, I got laundry done, cleaned up around the house, searched for important items that were unfortunately in a pile rather than a file, talked to Steph for hours, discovered this really cool educational website (, too high for my kids, but random entertainment to me), and got a full nights sleep.  Saturday morning was just lazy... played with Gibson and didn't hurry to do anything.  Then we drove to McKinney and met my mom for lunch at Fuddrucker's.  Then we went to the Naturalizer outlet and I got a pair of comfy (and not too grandma looking) shoes and a purse!  I love, love, love shoes and handbags!  I haven't had a new purse in sooo long!  Last night, Gibson went to sleep early again (I think the antibiotics for his cold make him a little drowsy) so I talked to Kimi and Steph.  I also got to talk to my mom (we had some great laughs to share over a ridiculous little situation) and got to talk to my sister-in-law Sonya.  I hadn't talked to her in a while and it was good to get a chance to talk.  I miss Sonya and BJ!  They have the cutest little boy, Trey, and they are expecting a new addition next year!  I hope that no matter what happens, we will always be in touch... I want Gibson and Trey and the new little guy (or girl?) to be great friends! 

Today we were going to go to church, but it was just one of those days that didn't get started right.  We woke up on time so I wasn't hurrying.  Gave Gibson a bath, played, started to get him ready and he had a great big poop.  Lovely.  We are talking massive, had to bathe him again messiness.  And he was NOT happy about having to get another one.  By the time I got him ready to go, it was time to go and I was still in my PJs.  So we prayed, and then we played.  He is really starting to reach out and grab things.  He smiles these great big smiles and almost laughs.  It is the cutest thing!  We took a nap.  Then I decided it was time to get out of the house!  We went to JoAnn's where I found fabric I like to redo my bedroom.  Went to the bank, then headed to Lowe's.  I can get in trouble in that place, but I was good today.  I got a filter for my a/c (finally found one I didn't have to special order!) and then we collected samples.  Glorious samples of countertops, took pictures of flooring with my phone, picked up paint samples and that is when I found the greatest thing of all.  My kitchen needs to be redone.  But since I owe approximately what the house is worth because of housing values in this area, I cannot spend alot to do it.  So laminate countertops will have to do.  I was impressed with the selection, but of course, the ones I like are premium laminates and about $150 more than the standard.  But I got my samples and went toward paint to pick out colors for my bedroom, hallway, living room and kitchen.  As I am walking toward the paint color cards, I see counters out of the corner of my eye.  I double back... there is a paint finish product to redo laminate countertops!!!  With my tiny kitchen, it would only take one kit.  The savings compared to a new counter would be enough to pay for the floors!  I'm so excited!  Of course, I can't start any of these projects anytime in the near future, but with deals like that, I can start sooner than I thought!  I cannot wait to get this house ready to sell!  I hate being here... too many memories.  Plus, if I move closer to work, that is so much more time with Gibson.  Less gas money, less wear and tear on the car.  Closer to friends.  The benefits of moving far outweigh the practical staying put to me right now. 

I must get some sleep tonight!  Tomorrow starts off a new week and I'm determined to make it a good one!

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  1. I hope Gibson and his poop issues are better. Hailey Grace always gets those diapers when on antibiotics. Yuk, no fun for mommies.
    If you want Chris to come to a walk through on your house, he'll give you pointers. He just leased one in Irving on Friday, another is going up for lease in a month and is going to list a friends house sooner than later in Irving that is CUTE!