Monday, March 29, 2010

More appointments

We had a great weekend! Saturday we (by we, I mean Danny) sanded the floors in the baby room.  I went to Home Depot and got the sandpaper and a sample of stain.  About 80% of it is sanded.  I did more cleaning out in the office and filed everything left from what I started last week.  Sunday we met my parents for dinner in McKinney.  The baby moved so much this weekend!  It is so bizarre to see your stomach move on its own!  He hasn't moved at all today though which has me a little worried.  We go to the doc for our checkup this afternoon so we will know then.

Danny goes back to the recruiter on Wednesday... he'll be measured by the recruiter, the recruiter's superior, and then if he's there, they will take him to Plano for the regional supervisor to measure him.  If that guy says OK then they will go back to the office in Garland and Danny will get to reserve his job!  From there, within 7 days, he will go to MEPS and swear in.  Of course, he still won't go to Basic until July, but he will officially be a future soldier.  Now we just need to find him a job until July and we will be good!  If you know of ANYONE who is hiring or needs temporary help, please let me know!

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